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Welcome to 666-U!

Welcome to 666 University, a unique and quirky college for demons that come in all shapes, sizes and styles. The students at 666-u are an eclectic mix of devil-girls with a passion for fashion, culture and geekiness. From the traditional punk rocker goths to the more risque cosplay witches, these ladies bring a special kind of energy to the campus. Whether they’re discussing dark magic theories in class or skulking around town in search of fun activities - you can be sure this demonic student body will make their mark.


The 2023 collection of Demon Girl NFTs are referred to as 666-U II. The base configuration has been updated.

Sinful Sisters

MAR 01, 2023



FEB 14, 2023


Wicked Winter Babez

FEB 01, 2023

TGI Wednesday

JAN 11, 2023


The original Demon Girl NFTs... this is where it all started.


Squid Game


About the Project

666 University

This project is the brainchild of artist Dead Pop Hell. The idea was to turn his Demon Girl Pinups into a PFP project that he could explore and have fun with. Drawing on different themes and ideas, Dead Pop Hell can explore fun elements and ideas and incorporate them into each new collection.

Dead Pop hell

About the Artist

A nerdy metalhead and digital artist, Dead Pop Hell loves heavy metal, an anime aesthetic, and old-school imagery. He likes drawing bold, rebellious characters, deriving inspiration from 1980s culture, pinup and retro art. With each piece, Dead Pop Hell aims to bring a dramatic, rebellious spirit with a nostalgic touch; his Demon Girlz speak to the nerd in all of us.

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Dead Pop Hell


When's the mint?

We mint a new themed collection about every 3 - 4 weeks.

Follow this link for the latest mint:

What's the supply?

Most public mints are between 11 - 33 NFTs.

What blockchain and what's the cost?

666 University (666-U) is on the Cardano blockchain.

The public cost for most mints is 59 ₳DA.

Is there a roadmap?

No roadmaps (at least not yet).

This project is about the the art and community.


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